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Here at Three Rivers Tenkara we are very happy to offer The Tenkara Times TRY rods. The Tenkara Times has been selling tenkara rods since 2012. Continued design refinement has resulted in the excellent lineup of The Tenkara Times TRY rods. The full-flex TRY tenkara rods are available in three models: TRY 330 6:4 (10-ft), TRY 360 6:4 (12-ft) and the TRY 390 7:3 (13-ft).

The Tenkara Times TRY rods are distinguished by their light weight, full-flex profiles, sensitivity and casting feel. Designed for modern level line tenkara, they excel at casting those ultralight lines with feel and accuracy. They are premium rods at a good price and once you cast one you’ll feel the difference.

TRY rods are light…

The Tenkara Times TRY tenkara rods are among the lightest tenkara rods available in the world. At first, ounces, or fractions of ounces, might not seem like much, but with a long tenkara rod, unbalanced by a reel, weight and balance is quite important to how the rod feels, especially after a long day of fishing. The TRY 330 comes in at 59 grams (2.08 oz); the 360 is 62 grams (2.19 oz); and the 390 is 72 grams (2.54 oz). Compare that to rods of similar length and you’ll see that the TRY rods are pretty darn light.

TRY rods are full-flex…

In addition to the advantage of their light weight, TRY rods incorporate rod tips that are a bit stiffer, relative to the rest of the rod than some other tenkara rods. This design allows the rod to flex smoothly over its entire length when casting. The result for the angler is a rod that is crisp and accurate yet has a great casting feel, producing tactile feedback even when casting the light tenkara level lines. You will feel these rods load when casting. Though the tip may be relatively stiffer, compared to other rods, on the whole the rods are fairly soft. They flex – it’s just that the flex is distributed over the entire rod, rather than just at the tip. Don’t worry these rods are not broomsticks – quite the opposite, their design results in a full-flex rod with great feel. When you pick one up and cast it you will feel the difference.

TRY rods are sensitive yet have backbone…

TRY rods also have excellent sensitivity to feel the strikes that is so important when fishing classic Japanese wet kebari flies or western nymphs, while at the same time having sufficient backbone to handle larger fish in smaller quarters.

TRY rods excel at casting level lines…

The TRY rods are designed for modern level line tenkara. Depending on line length, casting room and personal preference, the TRY rods can handle the breadth of level lines. They are optimized to cast level lines averaging #3-3.5. However, they can cast down to size #2 and are not overloaded with size #4.5. The TRY rods will allow you to pick up dries and wets with a flick and place the line where you want it. Casting will become second nature – allowing you to focus on where to cast rather than working to make it happen.

They do have limits of course….

The TRY rods are designed for trout fishing and are ideal for targeting trout less than 16-inches or so. They can, of course, handle larger fish (especially the TRY 390) – but care must be exercised when landing large fish. Tenkara rods are more durable than you might at first think – but they are still quite a bit more fragile than a typical western fly rod and care must be taken not to push the rods past their intended limits. These are not rods intended to pull lunker bass from the weedbeds. And we do not recommend using tippets larger than 5X.

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