Tacky Tube “Fly Patch”

$18.00 +tax 6% if PA resident

Dimensions: 2″ x 1 3/5″ x 1 3/5″
Weight: 1.2 oz
-Polycarbonate Tube protects flies from shrubs or brush
-Patent pending Slit Silicone insert holds flies extremely tight
-Holds flies tighter
-Withstands extemes in temperatures
-Light blue color for high contrast
-Drop storage capability with 2 neodymium magnets
-Latch-less magnetic closure
-Long lasting strength
-Durability tested
-Open end allows for airflow to dry flies
-Hinge allows Tube to be opened and used as minimalistic fly box
-Lanyard loop

The folks that brought you the award winning Tacky Day Pack, now bring us the sweet Tacky Tube. Tie one on and get out there in the mountains. This thing will hold all the flies you need for the day (or more) and it will hold them tightly. The open ended design allows air to circulate and dry the flies that you've used.

The unique “drop-in” feature is pretty cool – and allows you to drop a fly into the tube and have it be caught on the extra-strong magnets. It works very well on unweighted flies – when I tried heavier tungsten bead-heads, I found it was best to tilt the tube a bit to assist the magnets.

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