Simple Flies by Morgan Lyle

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Simple Flies: 52 Patterns that Catch Fish
by Morgan Lyle
166 pages
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This is much more than just a fly-tying recipe book. Morgan Lyle presents the theories and thoughts behind his interest in tying and fishing simple flies, along with great background info, history, biographies and anecdotes. He also provides detailed tying instructions with step by step photos for 52 simple to tie flies that will catch fish.

This book would make a great first fly tying book for any would-be fly tier, and even more so for those interested in keeping it simple in the face of the complexity that confronts fly tiers in todays world. I really think it deserves a special place in the libraries of tenkara anglers who may already have been awakened to the simpler possibilities of fly fishing and tying.

Check out the Q&A that I did with Morgan Lyle as the first blog post in the Three Rivers Tenkara blog.

Detailed tying instructions with step-by-step photos are provided for 52 fly simple sly patterns.

Table of Contents
1. The Sensible Iconoclasts
2. Tying Simple Flies: Tools, Materials, and Techniques
3. Simple Wet Flies
4. Simple Nymphs
5. Simple Dry Flies
6. Simple Streamers

What folks are saying:

This is one of those great books that crosses all skill levels because beginning fly tiers will find really effective patterns they can crank out with basic skills, and old pros will remember the flies that really caught fish before everything got so complicated…This is truly one of the best fly-tying books I’ve seen in years.

—Tom Rosenbauer, marketing manager, Orvis


There is no greater aspiration for the angler than to tuck a box of their own spun flies in a shirt pocket, wade into the river, and hook trout. I have not read a book that does a better job of getting you there than Morgan Lyle’s Simple Flies.

—Kirk Deeter, editor TROUT magazine and editor at large, Field & Stream

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