Peak Vise: Non-Rotary w/ Pedestal Base

$94.95 +tax 6% if PA resident

50 free Fly Tying hooks will be included with a vise purchase: QTY= 25 #12 Osprey Grub Hooks and QTY= 25 #12 Osprey Wet fly Hooks

Non-Rotary Peak Vise with Pedestal Base
Price: $89.95

After fielding many requests for an inexpensive yet durable and functional non-rotary vise, Peak has taken the design principles that have served them so well with the Rotary Vise and applied them the PEAK non-Rotary Vise. It uses the same clamping system as the tried and true PEAK Rotary Vise. The base is slightly smaller and lighter in weight than the Rotary Vise, making this an item to seriously consider if you need a lighter weight travel vise. The base has the durable white powder coat finish that they’re known for and it still disassembles and packs flat for ease of transport.
The base also includes an additional hole for the Accessory Shaft (not included) and all PEAK accessories except the Material Clip will work with the non-Rotary Vise. As with the Rotary Vise, optional midge and saltwater jaws are available for the PEAK non-Rotary Vise (jaws for the Rotary Vise and non-Rotary Vise are not interchangeable).

Though I do not stock all Peak accessories or Peak Products I can special order anything from Peak that you need. Just shoot me an email and I’ll get it sorted for you. Check out the Peak Website

Lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship
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