Oni Rod Type-II

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ONI Rod Type-II 
Designed for beginners and intermediate fishers or those that regularly catch larger trout.

Intended Quarry: Trout up to approximately 16-inches
Length: 13′
Action: 5:5
Closed Length: 24.8″
Weight: 3.17 oz.
Handle Length: 11.8″
Handle: Black EVA
Number of segments: 8
Tippet: 7X to 3.5X – though I would recommend 5X or lighter
Line Types: Fluorocarbon level line, nylon level line, tapered fluorocarbon or nylon monofilament lines
Rod sack included

Oni Rods do not have a warranty against breakage during use. It is Tenkara-no-Oni’s policy that you simply purchase any parts the you happen to break – see full description below for details.

Please read the pages on Tenkara Rod Use and Care and Tenkara Rod Rigging to help prevent accidental breakage and to learn how rig your rod.

Anodized Aluminum Rod Tube

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Nissin ONI Ryu Orange Tenkara Line, 20m (#2.5 to #4.5)

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