Gamakatsu Kantsuki-Yamame “Special Order Made Tenkara Kebari Hook” 20 pack

$6.00 +tax if PA Res $6.36

Size: Japanese No. 8 (in the size range of a 10 or 12 western hook)
Barbed: yes – so you may want to pinch them down if you’re doing catch and release
Quantity: 20 per pack

Description from Tenkara-Ya:

The Gamakatsu Kantsuki- Yamame hooks were specially designed for tenkara kebari and very popular among expert tenkara fishers, but Gamakatsu quit producing the hooks many years ago unfortunately. Last year when we started to produce Sebata Yuzo kebari, Sebata-san really wanted to use Kantsui-Yamame hooks. So we asked Gamakatsu a special order and got them again.

Kantsuki-Yamame hooks are slim and very sharp but also strong. We would like you to try thses excellent hooks for your kebari.

Of course we use Kantsuki-Yamame hooks for Sebata kebari.

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