Gamakatsu Nano Yamame Hooks, Size 8, 18 pack

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Size: Japanese No. 8 (in the size range of a 10 or 12 western hook)
Barbed: Micro barb
Quantity: 18 per pack
Note: These are eyeless hooks that will need to have “loop eyes” tied on, or be otherwise snelled.
These are barbed, eyeless Japanese keiryu hooks, intended as hooks for use with live bait such as mayfly nymphs, and so they are made with thin wire. Though they are barbed the barb is very small (it can of course be pinched down). These are very sharp and seem, to me, to embed easier than many of the thicker western style fly hooks – which is nice when using a tenkara rod. The tradeoff is the light weight – they will not sink as quickly as heavier hooks.

These types of hooks are used by some modern Japanese anglers when tying tenkara kebari in the traditional style. Of course, some of us in the west have also taken a liking to them. You will need to add an eye with some material such as No. 2 silk bead cord, monofilament or fly line backing, when tying your fly.
Is it the shape? The super-sharp thin wire? The hooking angle allowed by the loop eye? Whatever the reason these types of hooks really seem to have superb hookup success.

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