Fly Tying Kit: Sakasa Kebari

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Fly Tying Kit: Sakasa Kebari
Price: $18
Sakasa Kebari Fly Tying Kit includes:
– 50 Competition Quality Fly Tying Hooks: Size 12 Fulling Mill Heavy Weight Champ
– 2 Packages of Hen Pheasant Feathers
– 1 Package of Peacock Herl
– 1 Spool 6/0 Thread – choose color below from Red, Olive, Black, Grey, Yellow, Fire Fluorescent Orange

Tying Instructions available as a PDF download —>> Sakasa Kebari Tying Instructions

The sakasa kebari style originating from the Takayama region of Japan has become an iconic tenkara fly. Sakasa means reverse and kebari means fly. The hen pheasant soft hackle feather tied in reverse fashion with the tips pointed forward rather than the typical swept back orientation of western style wet flies may look unusual to the western fly angler – but the fish seem to like it quite well.

They can be effective fished on a dead-drift or fished with more active techniques such as a slight pulsing retrieve, wet fly swing or Liesenring lift.
I won’t speculate on why exactly they seem to be so effective but they are – and not just on small mountain streams – I’ve had good success with them even on spring creek brown trout.

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