Fly Tying Kit: Green Weenie

$15.00 +tax 6% if PA resident

Fly Tying Kit: Green Weenie
Price: $15
The Green Weenie Kit provides materials to tie 24 flies – 12 tungsten bead heads and 12 non-bead flies.

Green Weenie Fly Tying Kit includes:
– 24 Competition Quality Fly Tying Hooks: Size 10 Fulling Mill Heavy Weight Champ
– 12 3.5mm Tungsten Beads
– 1 Package of Chartreuse Chenille
– 1 Spool 6/0 Black Thread
– 2 Divided Fly Cups

Tying Instructions available as a PDF download —>> Green Weenie Instructions


If you’re getting the fly tying kit you might want to get a Peak Vise and accessories or the Fly Tying Tool Kit.

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