EVA Foam Line and Rigging Spools, 70mm: 5 pack / 12 pack

$5.00$10.00 +tax 6% if PA resident

Center Hole: 20mm
Thickness: 15mm
Includes knockout for managing loose line ends
$5/5-pack or $10/12-pack

These spools are just the best. They are extremely versatile and quite easy on the wallet. They can be used for level lines or furled lines, or my UL Tenkara line.
They are easy to modify – cut slots in them for line management, or slice them open to fit different rod grips.
The knockout makes a great place to attach the slip loop of your level line so that it doesn’t get pulled out.
They can be stored on tippet spool holders or on the rod itself.
You can also use them as a drying patch or for fly storage.
And they are not just for lines – they are very useful for storing pre-rigged multi-fly setups such as dry and dropper rigs, tandem nymph rigs or a brace of wetflies even.