Oni Rods: Repairs, Returns

Oni Rods do not have a warranty against breakage during use.

Oni Rods are delicate and expensive and should be treated with care. Tenkara rods can break during hooking, playing and landing fish if excessive strain is put on the rod. They can break if pulled on to release snags in trees or rocks.

Tenkara-no-Oni’s policy is that if you break a part you simply buy a replacement. I currently have a limited stock of spare parts for the first two sections of the rod which are most likely to be broken. Lead time on other sections is approximately 1 week from Japan. Replacement parts vary in price depending on the segment.

For the ONI Type-I, TYPE-II and Type-III rods the tip is $20 and the next segment down is $26. Contact me to order spare parts in the case that you break a segment anthony@threeriverstenkara.com.
All rods are inspected prior to delivery but please inspect your Oni Rod on arrival for any apparent defects or damage incurred during shipping. Rods that arrive with apparent defects or shipping damage can be returned unused for a refund within 2 weeks – please contact me if you wish to return an unused rod for refund.

Returns of Unused Rods:

We stand behind all the products we sell. If there is a defect upon arrival send the rod back and we will refund your money or replace the merchandise. Returns for a refund will also be granted for undamaged and unused merchandise (if returned within 2 weeks of arrival and they are still unused and in “as-new” condition). All returns of unused rods (whether due to damage/defect or just for return) must be sent back to Three Rivers Tenkara within two weeks of arrival at your location. So please inspect shipments upon arrival.

Please contact Anthony at Three Rivers Tenkara (anthony@threeriverstenkara.com) prior to sending back any merchandise for any reason in order to properly process the transaction.

All rods will be shipped with insurance and so damage occuring during shipping can also be resolved. If there is damage of a rod upon arrival due to shipping please contact us at anthony@threeriverstenkara.com within two weeks of arrival in order to resolve the problem.


Even though replacement parts are available – it is still a pain in the butt to break your rod – so it’s best to try to learn how to avoid it. Tenkara rods are delicate, much more so than western fly rods, it is just inherent in their design.  They have to be that way in order to work – casting those ultralight tenkara level lines the way that the Oni rods do requires a rod that tapers to a very fine tip and is very supple through it’s whole length and so the tradeoff is that they must be treated with care. I’ve broken my fair share of tenkara rods and it was always due to user error.

Tenkara rods can be easily broken during opening, rigging and closing of rods. Another dangerous time is when you become snagged on the stream bottom or surrounding flora.

See the Rod USE and Care Page for advice on how to handle the rods and avoid breakage during the process of opening, closing, rigging and fishing (and removing line from snags).