oni Collage

oni picMasami Sakakibara began fishing tenkara more than 35 years ago and is considered by anglers in Japan to be a Master of the technique. His single-minded intensity and passion for tenkara earned him the nickname Tenkara-no-Oni or The Tenkara Demon. Tenkara-no-Oni has used his decades of experience to design his Oni Tenkara Rods. At the urging of others, Masami has created website in order to share his tenkara experience and to preserve it for others. Go to Masami Sakakibara’s World of Tenkara to learn from the master.

The Rods

Oni Tenkara rods are distinguished by their startling balance and accurate casting. The 13′ Type-I and Type-II feel almost impossibly well balanced for their length and do not exhibit any tip heaviness. The 11′ Type-III feels like a feather.  They all cast with great accuracy.

The 6:4 Oni Rod Type-I is the “flagship” model and was designed by Tenkara-no-Oni for the tenkara aficionado. The Type-I has a very delicate tip and is maximized for sensitivity, balance, smooth casting and accurate presentations. It is not recommended for the beginning tenkara angler. The design that makes it so ideal – also makes it a little more delicate – it is a precision tool.

The Oni Rod Type-II is based on the same design as the Type-I but is designed with a sturdier blank so that it is more forgiving and more suitable for the beginner or for those that encounter larger trout more often. It also features a 5:5 action for a slightly slower casting stroke than the 6:4 Type-I.

The Oni Rod Type-III is the little brother of the Type-II. It is the headwaters rod. It utilizes the same rod blank but is 2′ shorter. The Type-III is an ideal rod for brushy headwater streams. The soft 5:5 action will make casting in tight headwater stream conditions a breeze. But it can also be fished with a long line for use on bigger waters.

All the Oni rods are designed as trout rods. They are intended for quarry such as trout up to about 15 inches or so. They are not designed for fish like bass or other larger fish. They are designed for a fairly narrow focus of trout fishing in streams and they excel for this purpose. Of course small panfish and such will be fine on these rods – but please keep in mind their designed purpose when considering a purchase and your intended use.