Fly Tying Tool Kit

$24.00 +tax 6% if PA resident

Fly Tying Tool Kit
Price: $24 ($29 value when bought separately)
The Fly Tying Tool Kit includes:
-Arrow Point Scissors
-Rotating Whip Finish Tool
-Ceramic Insert Bobbin Holder
-Bodkin /Half-Hitch Tool
-Stonfo Hackle Pliers

I have put together this Fly Tying Tool Kit to provide a quality and affordable set of fly tying tools to get folks started with fly tying.
This set of tools will get you started tying and provide what you need to tie most patterns you’ll need as fly angler – eventually you may want to add some special and more specific tools – but this kit will have you well covered in the meantime.
You can purchase the individual tools here —> Individual Tying Tools

If you’re getting the tool kit you might want to get the Peak Desktop Organizer or Accessory Shaft and Tool Post Caddy to keep things organized.

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