Copper and Grouse Sakasa Kebari – 3 Pack

$6.75 +tax 6% if PA resident

Copper and Grouse Sakasa Kebari – 3 Pack

Flies Included:
3 – Copper and Grouse Sakasa Kebari

These are tied on size 12 Mustad 3906B, 3X strong, 2X long hook. They are barbed hooks – but I crimp all barbs. This fly is tied with a body of heavy copper wire. And so it is heavy. You can sink this fly quick.

The peacock collar adds that bit of fish attracting super power that peacock herl seems to have. Add to that the nicely figured grouse covert soft hackle that will pulse and move nicely – and it’s a great combo for deeper tenkara fishing.

Fished on a short line and a long tippet this is a very sinkable fly; swing it to fish it more shallow. It’s versatile. Fish it dead drift, or fish it with action.

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