Tying the IOBO Humpy Dry Fly


I came across the IOBO Humpy one day while going down the YouTube rabbit hole. Shortly after that, I came across a tying variation devised by Dave Southall of the UK. Dave was kind enough to allow me to make a video based on his tying sequence. I recorded this video a while back – and have linked it on some product pages but figured I ought to share it here on the Three Rivers Tenkara Blog too. 

Here’s what Dave Southall says about the IOBO Humpy:
“Devised by Pennsylvanian, Jack Tucker in the 1970s, this is an excellent fly for trout or grayling which are feeding on tiny midges and smuts in the surface film (sizes 20/21 to 30). IOBO stands for IT OUGHTA BE OUTLAWED!!!! In sizes 18 to 12 it imitates emerging olives fluttering stoneflies. The tying sequence shown is very different from the original method and in a recent email from Jack himself thanking me for crediting him with one of the world’s best dry flies he said he preferred my method of tying to his original one!”
-Dave Southall

Here’s what you’ll need with links to the stuff in my shop.
Dry Fly Hooks About a size 12 hook down to as small as you want

Trout Hunter CDC cul-de-canard feathers
Thread obviously for the smallest sizes go with small diameter thread such as a 14/0 to avoid unwanted bulk, for larger sizes like 12s-16s larger thread is okay.
Trout Hunter CDC Dressing once you tie them up a catch a fish you’ll need to take care of that CDC. So the way tp do that is this: rinse the fish slime off in the water, and then blot the fly with a paper towel, a soft cloth or amadou to dry it. Then apply some of the Trout Hunter natural CDC oil. 


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