Masami Sakakibara “Oni Tenkara for Keiryu Streams” – Downloads

Masami Sakakibara “Oni Tenkara for Keiryu Streams” Demon Downloads

Here’s your exclusive opportunity to directly benefit from the 12 days each of personal coaching that John and Paul received from Masami Tenkara-no-ONI Sakakkibara, over two trips to Japan in 2014 and 2015

You can get the video and 18-page PDF eBOOK bundled together

Or get them seperately

I’m not going to bother repeating all the details from the product pages – you can click on the links for that.

John Pearson and Paul Gaskell of Discover Tenkara do a nice job on these videos – very high production value. I appreciate the pre-game and post-game commentary from John and Paul – they do a good job of letting you know what they saw – and what they got out of their time with Masami on stream. And of course since we’re just getting a glimpse into that time – their perspective is valuable to help put the on-stream footage in context.

But the real enjoyment for me is watching Masami Sakakibara practice his tenkara on the stream. I don’t think I’ll be headed to Japan anytime soon (unless I hit the lottery) so the chance to watch Masami and learn from him is pretty priceless. This is my eighth season of tenkara – so I’m not a rank beginner – and I’ve developed a lot of techniques and tactics of my own just from experience. Basically I began by adapting my western tactics to the tenkara gear – and then expanding on this by experimenting and figuring out what a tenkara rig allows that a western rig really doesn’t (at least not very easily). Being mostly self-taught as a fly angler and a tenkara angler – I have to admit that I don’t always have great self confidence in my skills. But watching this video made me feel pretty good. I found myself nodding at times in recognition at and then at other times thinking to myself that maybe I need to reassess or maybe tweak some things. So I guess I’m trying to say that even if you’ve been doing tenkara for a while you’ll probably enjoy the perspective and the insight that Paul and John give you into Masami’s on-stream techniques and tactics.

And if you’re fairly new to tenkara – well the you’ll find plenty that to keep you busy on stream. The basic techniques and tactics that you see will give enough to practice and master for a while to come.

And if you get the bundle – the PDF eBook is a great way to reinforce what you saw. I’ve never spent time on stream teaching folks (aside from the kids), but I’ve done some presentations and written about it a bit  – and so I realize it can be difficult to put down in words all that you do on the stream. There are some things that I just take for granted – things that I just don’t think to explain. And so when watching the video and reading the eBook often found Paul and John pointing out things that I often do – but just never thought to mention – or that I never did a very good job of explaining. So it’s a learning experience for me even as someone that occasionally tries to teach about tenkara and it’s helped me to organize my thoughts about tenkara better than I had.