Tenkara Bug Out: Oakridge, OR , 07/21/17 – 07/23/17

I didn’t know anything about this even until recently – and I don’t know anything at all about fishing out in Oregon. I’d love to get there for the event – but that can’t happen. I’l be sending a 3RT Confluence rod and starter kit out for a door-prize – so I’ll be there in spirit at least.

I asked Jim Vandagrift if he’d do a little write up for me to post here for you all. If you’re in the area make a point to check it out!

So here’s what Jim has to say…

Tenkara Bug Out

If you haven’t heard, Oregon is holding its first annual Tenkara Bug Out. What kind of name is that you ask? To put it simply, a punny one (har har).

Deep in the rain shadow of the Oregon Cascades exists a corner of the world where trees grow tall, streams run clear and wild trout abound. In the midst of this setting is where we will spend the weekend casting, catching, and socializing all in honor of tenkara.

Now I’m not gonna lie, we have our share of biting insects, skin irritating plants and skinny dippers. But let me assure you that none of these can dampen the experience that this special place has to offer.

Before I go any further, let me share with you the reason I created this event. I’ve been fishing these waters with a tenkara rod for the last five years and every time I’m out there I think to myself,

“Everyone should be so lucky to fish this spot.”

With that thought in mind, I have set out to bring tenkara anglers together to fish these same amazing places in much the same way I experience them. I want the only sounds you hear to be wild, the only other human you see to be the person you set out to fish with that day and for your heart to race as that wild trout puts a bend on your rod and a smile on your face.

This area offers a multitude of water types within it’s small creeks, streams, and rivers. Over the weekend we’ll be fishing and exploring this whole range. So if you have a quiver of rods bring your 270, 360, 450 and if you’re like my friend Jason you might just bring out the 550 (it helps get those hard to reach places).

So this is where I tell you, if you have the chance to come, DON’T HESITATE!

Registration is limited to 40 people this year and is already filling up quick!

If this sounds like the perfect weekend getaway, add it to your calendar for July 21st through July 23rd. Check the website for more information about schedule, lodging and registration.

Hope to see you there!

Jim Vandagrift

What:    The Tenkara Bug Out –  www.tenkarabugout.com   

When:     07/21/17 through 07/23/17

Where:   Oakridge, OR – All meetings and registration check-in will take place at the Westfir Portal across the covered bridge in Westfir, OR.

(GPS Coordinates 43.75891, -122.4965)