Fly tying assembly line – preparing hen pheasant

So I tie a lot of flies – and that means preparing a lot of materials.

If you’re tying just a few then it’s not so big a deal but if you’re tying a bunch – then the “assembly line” approach can really help make it go smoothly and help you to create consistent flies.

So in an effort to get in the habit of making and posting more videos I may do a bunch of these short ones on fly tying tips.

In this short video I’m going to show the first step in my sakasa kebari assembly line – and that’s getting the feathers prepared.

If you get all of your feathers prepared in advance you’ll get in groove while doing it and it will go quickly – then when you sit down to tie flies – you won’t be fumbling around looking for the feathers you need – you can get down to tying.

I like to use hen pheasant for my sakasa kebari and of course whether you pull the feather from the full skin or get it from a bag its going to have that fluff along the quill from the bottom up to where the “good stuff” starts.

It is very easy to remove it in two easy rips. Just make sure to grab it at the top just below where the nice fibers start and pull down – with a little practice you’ll be able to get all the fluff in one swoop on each side.

The next step is to stoke the fibers back from the tip and prepare the “tie-in” point.

That’s all there is to it.

Check out more (not many yet) on my Three Rivers Tenkara YouTube channel